Where are you at in life?

Have you been through a difficult time and don’t know how to move forward? Do you worry you will never get to that level of happiness that you want? Do you feel stuck in a certain thought or situation that is making you feel depressed, anxious and unheard?

You need to know you are not alone in these feelings, actions and thoughts.

At some point many of us experience things that, on some level, shake up our lives and leave us feeling physically and mentally different to how we were before. Often leaving us in state that’s uncomfortable and unhelpful.


Are you ready to make a change?

Do you want to feel differently? Are you ready to put those broken pieces of you back together to make an even stronger you? Are you ready to leave that dark place and step in to a bright new future? Are you ready to enjoy life and be happy?

I have a number of ways to help which can begin to heal the emotional, spiritual and physical ways your personal experiences have affected you. The main tools i use are :

I  also offer other Alternative Therapies which you can read more about on my ‘Ways i can help you’ page.

Support and Results

When you join one of my programmes or have a session with me I’m confident that once you understand your self and emotions about the problem more you will start to notice that change starts to happen quickly and easily.

I am here to help you achieve your goals so in between sessions it’s helpful to have scheduled catch ups and homework to keep you on a positive track.


So are you ready to feel whole again, confident, relaxed and calm about your future, and ready to be who you always knew you were?

If you are saying ‘YES’ then take a look below for how to take your first step.

so where do you start?

Its so important that we check our values, beliefs and goals are clear and truly what we want, so i offer a 3 week Foundation Focus Programme which includes:

Week 1 – 1hr One2One Session to get clear about what you want and to start to make changes

Week 2 – 1hr Reiki Energy Re-balancing Session to remove any blocks relating to the old issue

Week 3 – 30min Follow up One2One to hear about whats changed for you and what your next step is.



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