What is your New You(s) re-solution?

So it’s the final month of 2019, and I know I’m thinking ‘Where did this year go?’, ‘Did I achieve everything I wanted?’ and then it happens you get asked what your New Year’s resolution is?

The pressure is on, we have to think of an answer, we pick something, and because we told people about it there is now a massive pressure to achieve it as they will all know if you didn’t, and you will feel like you have failed if you don't (takes a deep breath).

On average it takes 3 months of commitment to make your new habit automatic sometimes quicker, plus mentally waiting for New Year, Next Week or Even a Monday is likely to end in failure as it keeps you in that unhelpful but comfortable zone for longer.

Also did you know approximately 80% of people who make New Year resolution’s give up in the first month and most of the time they are old issues you may have tried to correct before?

This is why I prefer to suggest New You(S) Re-Solutions when you are ready.

I wonder whether you have ever considered you may not be emotionally, mentally or physically ready to achieve the full goal but maybe with help and guidance to understand how you are programmed you could break down the blocks and beliefs around why it hasn’t happened yet and create achievable smaller steps you need to take you closer to your desired outcome.

So I ask, as the time is NOW, what is one New You(s) resolution that you can realistically commit to starting today!

Don’t make it too difficult it could be cut back to one sugar in your tea or add some form of exercise to your day even it its juts a walk around the block, make it something easy and achievable.

New You(s) Top Tips!

  • Create change when you are ready not because it’s New Year – you will know when the right time for you is
  • Be realistic with yourself about what you want to achieve
  • Don’t overwhelm yourself. Pick one thing or if it is a larger goal create smaller stepping stone goals to achieve along the way.
  • Set a realistic date of when you want to achieve it by
  • Make yourself accountable. ... Check your progress at regular intervals and review your goal. Remember situations change so you may need to adapt your next step too.
  • Let go of other peoples expectations
  • Celebrate your wins
  • Be kind to yourself when you might have a less than great day.


But most of all make it enjoyable! You only get one life … love it, and who you are!

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