So you may find what I am about to say a bit unusual.

With COVID-19 upon us and no doubt thoughts of our mortality pass through our minds it has made me think … what is my real purpose, why am I here?

From a young age I always felt a bit different, always trying to fit in with the crowd and groups of people, but internally never did. I have always been confident and embraced my quirkiness and eventually found happiness in animals and the outdoors and one to one friendships.

Since my dad passed away in 2008 I have experienced a number of emotional traumas and have had to be really honest with myself of who I am, realise only I can heal my hurts and learn to be my best me despite it being less than easy sometimes. The reality is only we are in control of how we live our lives despite external things that externally happen to us.

More recently I have learnt to help people to heal themselves through talking, hypnotic and energy therapies, not as many as I would like as maybe the time hasn’t been right?

For a long while now I have felt I have been experiencing ‘intuitive gifts’ or ‘skills’ with energy whether it be as an empath and reading other people, to sharing positive energy experiences to help clear others of residual unhelpful feelings. I can even hear energy coming from plug sockets which are left on .. I know crazy!

Anyway, I digress! Last night I watched ‘The Last Shaman’ on Netflix. It’s a story of a man with severe depression who has tried all western medicines, psychotherapy, emotional support but still felt dead inside and suicidal. He goes to find a Shaman and experience the Ayahuasca ritual which is a plant based formula which rids you of the darkness within your body over a period of time. He just wants to feel something again not just the constant void.

Along the way he met two Shaman, one an American profiteering from his knowledge, and one from a remote village who did his work for free to benefit his community. Now this is where the programme took a twist for me … although I was interested from a psychological view in the man’s journey, I was more curious about the Shaman sharing his healing gift. He seemed fulfilled and happy in his work helping others, which was until other community members accuse him of taking money privately from the visitors (which he wasn’t). He then was told to leave the only home he knew and had took his family in to the town where he then had to find ‘a real job’ to earn money to care for his loved ones and leave his true self behind. He made the choice to fit in to the expectations of society.

This hit me hard, since I left working for a family business at the end of 2017, I have had to think am I doing what I love and achieving my purpose or doing what society expected of me so I can afford my lifestyle? I can say it’s been a bit of both, if I do not have a stable foundation I cannot help others, but as part of the UK’s current lockdown, I am luckily to be employed part time which allows me to receive 80% of my wage.

Like many though, it doesn’t leave me with enough money, but on some level I feel I was I being prepared for this moment. I have been a vegetarian for nearly 2 years so my diet is more basic, I rarely drink alcohol or go out to bars, I sadly lost my most expensive outgoing my horses but they have helped me learn about energy and using it to connect and heal, and I have learnt these new holistic skills that can help me, help the community.

So I guess I am asking myself, is the time now. Is this my time to be my true self or conform to societies expectations? Or do I become more like the Shaman, help society and trust in mother earth ... Honesty, I am unsure at the moment but I will continue to help people if they ask for it.

Maybe you could ask yourself ….




Finally going back to the man in the film last night on his healing journey, he realised he didn’t have to live up to others expectations but to reconnect with himself to come closer to his true happiness

If you are interested in holistic therapies of psychology it’s a great watch.

No doubt I will write again soon but until then …

Stay Safe, Stay Indoors, Stay Being Your Best You!

Sarah x


Note: I am penning this for my own benefit so as this virus/government incident subsides I will no doubt have had time to reflect and be able to be more of a better me coming out the other side.


Let me help you make this New Year your best year yet!

I've been asked the same questions over the last few weeks as people seem really on board with making changes in the new year, and curious as to how i can help them reach their goals, so i thought i would share my answers.

What do I do?

I can help you get your life back on track, whether it be you are recovering from a negative experience, needing help to adjust unhelpful thoughts, behaviours or self-talk, to see an improvement your health and fitness or re-balance emotional blocks. You are all unique so I have a flexible toolkit to help you achieve your goal no matter the size.

Who do I help?

I can help anyone who is ready, so I don’t want to say I only work with a specific criteria of person.

In saying that the main clients I attract are 25-65 who, when I have listened to their story, have acknowledged and there may be some areas in their lives they would like to change. Some but not all have an interest or curiosity in the mind, body, energy connection, or understanding how their brains work. But all are open to being flexible in the process and trusting in their healing journey.

How do I offer this help?

I offer Free Consultations and move forward to work with my clients on an one2one basis, although I do offer group sessions, workshops and longer course bundles to make sure you get the best result for you.

So I’m asking you …

Do you feel stuck, broken, worried, lonely, a failure, unheard and let down, unhealthy, out of shape?

Do you want to be free to enjoy life without the struggle?

Just imagine how differently you will see your life once you acknowledge the blocks and carefully work through them to clear any unwanted feelings and leave a path open to receive everything you wanted

Want to talk more about your future? Contact me today to book your Free Consultation.

I look forward to helping you create a positive start to your new you!


What is your New You(s) re-solution?

So it’s the final month of 2019, and I know I’m thinking ‘Where did this year go?’, ‘Did I achieve everything I wanted?’ and then it happens you get asked what your New Year’s resolution is?

The pressure is on, we have to think of an answer, we pick something, and because we told people about it there is now a massive pressure to achieve it as they will all know if you didn’t, and you will feel like you have failed if you don't (takes a deep breath).

On average it takes 3 months of commitment to make your new habit automatic sometimes quicker, plus mentally waiting for New Year, Next Week or Even a Monday is likely to end in failure as it keeps you in that unhelpful but comfortable zone for longer.

Also did you know approximately 80% of people who make New Year resolution’s give up in the first month and most of the time they are old issues you may have tried to correct before?

This is why I prefer to suggest New You(S) Re-Solutions when you are ready.

I wonder whether you have ever considered you may not be emotionally, mentally or physically ready to achieve the full goal but maybe with help and guidance to understand how you are programmed you could break down the blocks and beliefs around why it hasn’t happened yet and create achievable smaller steps you need to take you closer to your desired outcome.

So I ask, as the time is NOW, what is one New You(s) resolution that you can realistically commit to starting today!

Don’t make it too difficult it could be cut back to one sugar in your tea or add some form of exercise to your day even it its juts a walk around the block, make it something easy and achievable.

New You(s) Top Tips!

  • Create change when you are ready not because it’s New Year – you will know when the right time for you is
  • Be realistic with yourself about what you want to achieve
  • Don’t overwhelm yourself. Pick one thing or if it is a larger goal create smaller stepping stone goals to achieve along the way.
  • Set a realistic date of when you want to achieve it by
  • Make yourself accountable. ... Check your progress at regular intervals and review your goal. Remember situations change so you may need to adapt your next step too.
  • Let go of other peoples expectations
  • Celebrate your wins
  • Be kind to yourself when you might have a less than great day.


But most of all make it enjoyable! You only get one life … love it, and who you are!

If you would like a Free 20 Minute Consultation contact me and come and chat about how I could help you become the best version of you, you can be.